Russian Typewriter

Russian Typewriter Model 45


Band-Aid #1

Band-Aid #2 (Second Skin)

Light Bulb

Clock Parts #2

Life Support

You Stand Where You Sit

Untitled (2007)

For My Mother (2006)

The Priest and the Tranquilizing Chair

Seven Pink Roses

Baldwin Hotel Amati Violin

Trojan Horse in Penn Station

Death in Venice

Boar Hunt

Monkey Dog and His Mistress

While Rome Burns (Requiem for a Flaming Blimp)

Dissection of Diana

Cloud of Chairs


John's Room

The King's Hall


The Mystic

Cookie Cutter

Flailing Machine


Woman with Bug Ornaments

Water Bird

Black Box

Test Pattern Virgin

Bird Armature

Leda and the Swan Redux

Three Graces

La Divine Comtesse

Glass Eyes

Nice Girls Don't Get Mad

Witch Hunt

Nice Girls Don't Get Mad #2


The Boxer

Pope Pinocchio

Untitled (2010)

Some additional paintings can be seen on my artist's page at Sue Greenwood Fine Art. For up-to-date information about what paintings are available, you can contact the gallery.

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